This is to give you a description of what the classes are to help you decide which class is suitable for you.

Zumba - is a latin inspired dance fitness class. It is an exciting hour of calorie-burning, body-energizing and awe-inspiring movements, combined with resistance training to help tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. For more information click here

Bodytone - is a class suitable for the active older adult and anybody with rehabilitation needs. It is a half and half class meaning that it is split into 30 minutes aerobic activity and 30 minutes resistance training using either hand weights, dyna bands or body resistance with the choice of being either floor or chair based.

Boxercise / Boxfit Circuit - this is a boxing based class using gloves and pads and circuit training. It is high energy and stress busting whilst burning those calories and toning the areas you want the most. For more information click here

Aqua - this is designed to give you full body workout designed to work on stamina, strength and toning using the water as resistance. The water will also help support the body meaning no stress on the joints. This class is suitable for all abilities.

Legs, Bums and Tums - a toning class designed to work the major muscle groups in the body targeting those areas you most want. This is achieved by using own body weight or additional resistance weights. Get great results from this class.

Fit Camp - This is an outdoor group session which will run over a 6 week period of 3 sessions a week, combining various different exercises and nutritional advice to help drop a dress size and clean up eating habbits. All the motivation and advice from a personal trainer in a group environment.

Child Swimming Lessons - Run through Gail's Swim School at Upton Primary School on a Friday evening and Saturday morning. All swimmers learn to swim using the ASA's National Plan for Teaching swimming (NPTS). Swim Co-ordinator, Gail Crompton. Contact me for further information.